Katie Showell is a native Texan and has been living in Austin since 2007. She is a full-time Sales Operations Manager of Strategic Development Departm...View Details

Vivian Yip is a full-time real estate investor, house hacker, and flipper! She's been investing and house hacking since 2004. Vivian and her husband b...View Details

Rod Khleif is a real estate investor with 44 years of investing experience! Originally from The Netherlands, Rod has lived in Denver for 30 years and ...View Details

Lawrence Briggs is a New Orleans native living in central Texas. He currently works for the State in customer relations and has been investing in real...View Details

Craig Curelop is a real estate agent and investor based in Denver, CO. He's been investing since 2017 and wrote THE book on house hacking, The House H...View Details

Conner Olsen is a real estate agent, investor, and house hacker in Austin. He runs an AirBnB in North Austin and a cabin in the Smokey Mountains. He i...View Details

Lloyd Minick is the Operations Manager and Green Building Expert for Fortunate Foundation. He's been helping the team grow since 2019. This real estat...View Details

Joe Hodge is a high school educator with 6 years of real estate investing experience. Jamille Kelley is a network security pre-sales engineer and has ...View Details

Originally from Roswell, New Mexico, Taylor Puntch has 5 years of software sales experience and 2 years of real estate investing experience. Taylor is...View Details

Joel Fine has had a successful 30+ year career in high tech and is a savvy real estate investor. He has developed his business expertise as a business...View Details

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