Carl Dieckmann is a full time real estate agent and part-time military reservist. Carl has 20 years of investing experience and his portfolio includes...View Details

Michael Jones is the Chief Financial Officer for Thrive Mortgage. When he’s not helping the nation’s most innovative lender grow, he spends time inves...View Details

Katherine Fan is a travel journalist (a writer and editor) with a background in personal finance education. Katherine started her Austin real estate i...View Details

Jennifer Virden is a proud lifelong Austinite with 30 years of business and real estate experience.  She’s an independent real estate broker and a des...View Details

Ryan Kelly is a Real Estate Broker with 5 years of investing experience - 4 single family homes & 1 duplex. Tune in for an Austin Market Update!

Amy Mahjoory spent 14 years in Corporate America before discovering her passion for real estate and the financial freedom it brings. Amy has been inve...View Details

K. Trevor Thompson is originally from Canada and has been a proud Austinite for over 12 years. He is a full time real estate investor whose vast portf...View Details

Roya Johnson has an amazing story to tell! Originally from Iran, she went to work at age 7 to help support her family. After coming to Texas, she grad...View Details

Mallory Mundy is a team leader with Keller Williams Austin South West Market Center who loves her day-to-day which involves helping agents grow their ...View Details

Tony Taveras started his career in sales with LA Fitness, became the youngest VP at the time, & was regional VP in Florida from Tampa to Naples. N...View Details

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