Joe Hodge is a high school educator with 6 years of real estate investing experience. Jamille Kelley is a network security pre-sales engineer and has ...View Details

Originally from Roswell, New Mexico, Taylor Puntch has 5 years of software sales experience and 2 years of real estate investing experience. Taylor is...View Details

Joel Fine has had a successful 30+ year career in high tech and is a savvy real estate investor. He has developed his business expertise as a business...View Details

Will Brown is a real estate investor turned real estate software pioneer who found a passion for real estate after over a thousand hours of research. ...View Details

Jamie Gruber has 20+ years of coaching around goal setting, achievement and transformation as an insurance executive. He's a featured speaker at the M...View Details

Chloe Kwon is based in Austin and comes from South Korea. She is a passionate data Scientist for a retail company and specializes in machine learning ...View Details

Vadi Efe is a serial entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience in consumer-focused digital media startups, marketing technology and media ind...View Details

No one wants to get sued, but let’s face it: if you’re playing the real estate game, it’s only a matter of time. Let me introduce you to Scott Smith, ...View Details

Alice Duffy is a native Austinite and full time real estate agent for both residential and commercial. She's been investing for 17 years and her portf...View Details

Mike McCarthy is a husband, a father and a serial entrepreneur. Over the past two decades, he is grateful to have played a major role in the growth an...View Details

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