Mark loves Multifamily real estate! 


He originally started investing in multifamily in Los Angeles in the late 90's after moving from Ohio for a job in the entertainment industry. He jumped in because he was looking for stability knowing how unstable the entertainment industry can be.


Mark started his multifamily journey by househacking a duplex in LA after taking a job writing for Family Guy. Believe it or not he never imagined the show would last more than a few episodes! He got in a bidding war on this duplex and "overpaid" quite a lot over list price but made a tremendous gain a few years later when he sold.


Mark has consistently purchased mutlifamily real estate over a long period of time with the right leverage and in markets that have great growth, which is what led him to Austin. He loves the Austin market and plans to continue to buy multifamily real estate here and hold onto it for the long run.

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