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I am an IT Professional with over 30 years if experience and have been working at Microsoft for the past 16 years in Sales/Business Development. I am always expanding my real estate investment education and experience focused in multifamily and self-storage.

I am currently invested in 2,713 total units (100M+Asset Value).

See a list of my investments below:

Oakbrook Apartments – 134 units, Fort Smith, Arkansas co-GPs (closed Dec ’20)
Villas at the Curve & Eagle Landing – 393 units, Montgomery, AL co-GPs (closed Jan ’21)
The Lynx – 236 units, Lubbock, TX co-GPs (closed Mar ’21)
Osprey Cove North – 236 units, Jacksonville, NC co-GPs & KP (closed Mar ’21)
River Oaks (formerly Beau Chenes) – 124 units, Lafayette, LA, co-GPs & KP (closing Apr ’21)
Astoria Apartments (aka The Flats at 9338) – 88 units, San Antonio, KP
South Hill Apartments - 174 units, San Antonio, TX
Urbana Apartments - 204 units, Fort Worth, TX
Tesoro at 12 (aka Saffron Village Apartments) – 184 units, Dallas, TX
Parkwyn (aka Courtyards at Glenview) - 241 units, Dallas, TX
Cardone Capital Fund V – invested in the fund which owns A Class apartment complexes at Stella at Riverstone, in Sugarland, TX – 351 units and 10X Living at Delray, Delray Beach, FL – 346 units
Hornet Capital Class B Shares – passive investor in this hard money fund
Duplex Owner - Waco, TX with professional property management in place
Developer of 2 houses in Austin (Homestead and STR Investment house), $2M ARV

Here are some of my past investments:

Recently completed development of our new homestead & rental investment house on the same property. Invested $100K to buy a tear down house in south Austin and built these 2 houses on the lot now valued at $2M in < 2 years
• Completed successful full cycle single-family flip in 2018 with a partner, purchased from Wholesaler, used hard money lender
• Infinite Banking Practitioner

In 2021 our goals for my wife, Cindy, and I are to join at least 7 investment teams as co-sponsors & 1 Lead GP in Multi-family apartments signing as a KP, providing at risk capital and bringing our investors to join in on these opportunities. Our investment criteria are 100 – 400 unit Class B or C apartment business with value add opportunities, located in growing landlord friendly markets valued between $4M - $30M. We will partner with other experienced real estate team members to implement a comprehensive business maximizing investor returns through NOI growth over a 3 – 7 year hold period. We are currently part of the Brad Sumrok group and the Think Multi-family Group.

Please take a look at my website:, where I have a free eBook on Multifamily Passive Investing. I'm part of a larger book coming out in a week where I'll post the .pdf of that to my site as well.


Jeff McKee


McKee Family Real Estate, LLC


Mobile: 425-785-5751

To schedule time with me please go to:


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