What was supposed to be a one year abroad to gain some experience after his Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry, has become a 17-year journey across 3 states. Originally from France, Cedrick lived in Michigan, and California before settling down with his family 4 years ago in Austin, Texas. Despite a successful and fulfilling career in the Chemical Industry, Cedrick decided in 2019 to add the entrepreneur dimension to his resume (yes you can call that a midlife crisis). By using his problem-solving skills and scientific background to carefully invest in Real Estate, Cedrick has quickly managed to grow and build a solid experience in the Industry. His investments include Single family Home, Hard money lending. Currently he is focusing on Commercial real estate. He is also the founder of ChemDox partners, which consists in helping others to achieve their financial goals and live the life they want through passive investment. As a connector, he has built a broad network, and is also working at raising capital for other sponsors and being an angel investor. As he moves forward in his journey, Cedrick is actively working at helping and educating others in the Real estate community by sharing his experience through podcasts, social platforms and posting on various community websites: His latest post/work on Biggerpockets has been downloaded more than 5,000 times.  Cedrick is a LP in a mixed use in Nashville TN and a GP in a 60 Unit complex in the DFW area.

Instagram: cedrick.33

LinkedIn: Cedrick Mahieux

Website: in construction

Cédrick Mahieux, Ph.D.


ChemDox Partners



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